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        Scented Sachet

        Enjoy your favorite fragrance everywhere you go with our scented sachets. Place a few in your closets, under the seats in your car, under your sink, or anywhere else you'd like...

        Bridgewater Auto Vent Car Clip

        Take your favorite Bridgewater fragrance with you everywhere you go and elevate every moment you spend in the car with our Auto Vent Clips. 

        Bridgewater Wax Melts

        The perfect flameless fragrance solution for Our Fragrance lovers!

        Bridgewater Small Jar Candles

        Our 8oz Small Jar Candle is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite Bridgewater fragrance.

        Bridgewater Room Spray

        Enjoy instant fragrance with just one spritz! Our Room Sprays are great for fragrancing bathrooms, bedrooms, and every room in between.

        Sweet Grace Laundry Detergent

        Give your laundry the VIP treatment with our Sweet Grace Laundry Detergent. Safe and effective for washable fabrics, this luxurious formula is designed to sanitize while providing long-lasting, beautiful scent to...

        Bridgewater Large Candles

        Our original 18oz Large Jar Candle is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite Bridgewater fragrance.

        Bridgewater Home Fragrance Oil

        With instant fragrance you can tailor to your preference, our Home Fragrance Oil pairs nicely with our decorative Warmers and is the perfect fit for anyone who enjoys a flameless fragrance...

        Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser

        Sweet Grace is in season all year long with the Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser! Enjoy the fragrance of Sweet Grace as well as the beauty of a flower as it turns...

        Bridgewater Sweet Grace Bath Bomb

        Splish splash Sweet Grace is taking a bath! Now you can literally bathe in Bridgewater's #1 best-selling fragrance. Our Sweet Grace Bath Bombs are 5.3 oz of heavenly bliss and tons...

        Sweet Grace Multi Surface Cleaner

        Cleaning just got a whole lot sweeter! Your favorite fragrance is now your favorite cleaning buddy, too. Our Sweet Grace Multi Surface Cleaner is ready to tackle grease and grime on...

        Sweet Grace Dish Soap

        Dirty dishes piling up in the sink? Sweet Grace Dish Soap is here to save the day and help you cut grime with grace! Now you can remove dirt, grease, and...