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        Joy by the Pound

        Enjoy these delicious flavors of Joy by the Pound! These cakes are made fresh and local. 

        12oz Can drinks

        Quench your thirst in our Gourmet Shoppe with one of our 12oz ice cold can drinks.  

        Avenue Gourmet Pecans

        What a yummy Gourmet Snack!!!! Pecans grown locally always makes a great hostess gift also great for a party of One! 

        Candy Club Candies

        Yummy treat for after school snack , perfect for gift sets and oh Adults Love them too!!  

        Capri Sun Pouch

        Great after school drink for kids !!! Come by and enjoy yummy treats a cold Capri sun pouch. 

        Gourmet Cotton Candy

        Cotton Candy that takes you back to a good Time at the county fair or circus, only now you have the convenience of a tub. Try one of our many delicious...

        Grandmas Cookies

        Grandma's cookies offer a delicious variety of homemade memories. Every Grandma's treat is baked with love to transport you to your happy place with every bite. Perfect for a quick, sweet...